Chairman of the Histadrut HAMAOF

Dear Union members,

Since 2006 I have been serving as head of the Histadrut HAMAOF and these years have been fascinating with great accomplishments for hundreds of thousands of workers. These workers include the general workers union, the HAMAOF, larger sectors and the individual level of each of these organizations.

Altogether we positioned ourselves into the largest professional union in Israel. With the assistance of hundreds of collective agreements, small and large, we have worked in order to change from one extent to the other the employees' working conditions and salaries.

The union's ability to create discourse occurring in the work places between employer and employees characterizes HAMAOF's success in recent years. In the economic crisis, HAMAOF knew especially how to cooperate with workplaces to prevent hurtful recovery programs and destructive cutbacks.

As a professional union, we are prepared to use all the necessary tools at our dispense, including work disputes and strikes. But at the same time, we know how to do things differently, such as giving negotiations an opportunity. Cooperation with the workers and the understanding of our great achievements from the past, present and future are a joint effort in a common interest.

Our successful work in the HAMAOF was done and is done today under the umbrella of the General Workers Union. The biggest achievements are on the national level. In the last few years, we have acted on the national level for the benefit for the General Workers Union to act on behalf of all the workers in Israel. This is what was done in the beginning for salary payment delays, outsourcing workers and we will continue to fight for their rights in the coming years.

I make it my business to make a presence at the various work places and see sparkle in the employees' eyes. I meet the workers who understand that the workers' union is concerned about their well-being, in addition to their working conditions and salary wages. Additionally, we have accomplished things in the education and welfare departments. As head of the Histadrut HAMAOF, my vision is to provide workers a wide range of services. It is my pleasure to say that more than 50,000 new members have joined the Histadrut HAMAOF in the last two years within the new organizational framework. There is no other unique professional union like this one in the world.


Arnon Bar-David

Chairman of the Histadrut HAMAOF